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Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed
Friday, August 18, 2017
Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed

When a new baby is expected in your life, especially when it's your first, you have many things on your mind about this new arrival and how it will change your life. This turmoil of emotions is in part biological and in part created by your own expectations, and those of others that have been imprinted on you over the years preceding this big event. Having lots to contend with and adjust to, chances are pretty good you haven't had a moment to consider how or when you'll document your baby's birth on camera. You may be really interested in having these first precious moments of your child's life documented, but haven't had the time to consider the optimal time to do so. Quite honestly, ...

Le Mariage de Christine & Guillaume - Montreal Wedding Photographer
Friday, June 30, 2017
Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed

Christine is the sister of a good friend of mine and I was so pleased when she contacted me announcing her engagement to Guillaume. I'd first met Guillaume at a family session with Christine's family and knew that he was the quieter one in the relationship. When their engagement session came around, it became clear that he was a guy who would do anything for her. The love between these two is something special and their personalities complement each other just right. This made my job easier since they were comfortable with some direction but mostly candid displays of affection - my favourite. September 2017 arrived and the weather was beautiful. Aside from some close overlap of ...

10 Things You Might Not Think of Doing When You’re Pregnant (but should!)
Friday, June 23, 2017
Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed

Welcoming Heather Marr, a.k.a. Rio Doula for today's guest post! Take a tour of the hospital or birthing centre? Check. Narrow down the list of potential baby names? Check. Sign up for a prenatal class? Pack your birth bag (two months early, but hey, always be prepared)? Done and done. Here are a few more completely optional but possibly really fun and helpful things you might consider doing before your baby arrives. Keep jogging or going to the climbing gym (there are harnesses designed to support a pregnant belly) or whatever your sport is. Definitely check with your doctor or midwife first, and do your research. You’ll need to modify according to your ...

The Beautiful Violet - Montreal Family Photographer
Friday, June 09, 2017
Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed

I love the creative aspects of being a photographer, and being self-employed has certain benefits (as well as drawbacks), but receiving positive feedback from clients after a session is what keeps me coming back for more. It's almost an addiction. This of course combined with the fact that I know I am contributing something to their family legacy for years to come and that the gift will keep on giving is a huge factor in what keeps me going with this work. Over the past year I have slowly begun to phase-out marketing weddings. I have photographed weddings since 2009, and even more so over the past few years. However there is something truly more gratifying in documenting ...

At-Home Session in DDO - Montreal Family Photographer
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Baby's First Year - When to Have Your Baby Photographed

I now have a handful of clients that return to me each year or every other year since their little ones were born, and I am forever grateful to them for allowing me into their lives and homes to capture a slice of their life. This is the reason why I enjoy family photography so much, because I get to build these relationships with my clients that are genuine and I do like to keep up with them and see how they're doing. Year over year I get to observe their children as they grow into little humans, starting out so tiny and then quickly running around, engaged and joyful with their parents.  It is hard to describe the relationships I see begin to grow, connections between dads ...