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Hey there! I’m Gwylan. My name is the Welsh word for seagull, and pronounced ɡʊɨ̯lan (in case you were wondering).


On any given afternoon, you’ll likely find me editing batches of images with a hot cup of tea in hand and something sweet. If I'm not working, I'm likely in my garden battling with some type of invasive species, or maybe watching too much Netflix. 







Among other things, I love...
my husband & kitty. tea. chocolate. urban gardening. beeswax candles. books. yoga. homemade soup. white wine. travel. hiking. swimming in lakes. family gatherings. the changing seasons. making things by hand.


I believe that the special turning points of your life are always important to document, but so are the normal, honest moments that make up your day-to-day.  The beauty of life is found in the in-betweens. If you're looking for a fresh approach to family photography, I'd love to hear your story and a bit about what makes you tick.